Auto-Renewable Subscriptions Service Agreement

1. Acceptance of and Modifications to Service Terms
This Agreement is entered into by and among the players of the Art of Conquest (hereinafter referred to as “Players”) and Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lilith Games”) with respect to the use of the automatically authorized subscription renewal fees deduction service performed by Lilith Games (hereinafter referred to as “The Service”), which describes the rights and obligations of players and Lilith Games with respect to the use of the service and other matters. “Players” shall refer to the individuals or entities who receive the subscription service from Lilith Games. This Agreement shall constitute the conditions precedent for players’ (whether individuals or entities) use of the service provided by Lilith Games. Players shall have no right to use the service unless they have accepted the terms of this Agreement, and it shall be deemed that the players have agreed to be bound by the terms of this Agreement if they choose to use the service.

2. Description of Services
2.1 In order to satisfy players’ demands for automatic subscription renewal fees deduction, the service is performed with a view to avoiding losses caused by the failure of players to pay renewal fees in time due to negligence or for other reasons to the extent that players have applied for the service. Players irrevocably authorize Lilith Games to deduct the fees for the next billing period on their behalf from the balance of the players’ re-charge accounts, and third-party payment accounts, bank cards and communication accounts which are bound up with the accounts of the players (hereinafter referred to as “Accounts”) prior to the imminent expiration of the valid period for the players, provided that players have bound their accounts opened with Lilith Games with the aforesaid accounts from which charges may be successfully deducted.
2.2 “Automatic Subscription Renewal Fees Deduction” shall mean a deduction method by which Lilith Games charges players the fees for the next billing period from the aforesaid accounts based on the premise set forth in Article 2.1, players are required to ensure that Lilith Games may successfully deduct the fees from the aforesaid accounts and shall be solely responsible for the failure of renewal due to inadequate and deductible balance of the aforesaid accounts.
2.3 While enjoying the service, players shall be bound by the Game License and Service Agreement for Lilith Games and use of the service by players shall be deemed that they agree on the service terms hereof and public notices sent by Lilith Games with respect to the service.
2.4 The service performed by Lilith Games for players shall only be used by players on the platforms of Lilith Games, and any separation of the contents of the service performed by Lilith Games from the platforms thereof by illegal means, such as malicious cracking, etc. shall not be part of the service as agreed to herein. All the legal consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the responsible parties and Lilith Games will investigate the legal responsibilities on the part of the responsible parties by operation of the law.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties
3.1 Lilith Games shall be responsible for providing players with access to the detailed information on charges pertinent to automatic subscription renewal fees deductions, instead of printing the relevant invoices and forwarding the same to players.
3.2 Lilith Games shall deduct the fees for the next billing period from the aforesaid accounts of the players on the current day and put the payment information of the players on record, with a corresponding extension of the validity period for players.
3.3 In case of errors in the process of deducting the fees, Lilith Games shall collaborate closely with the players on identification of the causes and respectively assume the losses caused through their own fault; if losses are caused through unequal fault of the parties, they shall bear the corresponding responsibilities in light of the degree of their fault; and the parties shall evenly share the responsibilities in case of joint and several liabilities.
3.4 Lilith Games may change or modify the relevant service contents, rules and terms of this Agreement based on its business development or technology upgrades, etc. It shall publish the contents to be modified on its relevant webpages prior to the aforesaid changes or modifications, without separately sending notices to individuals. If players disagree on the modifications hereto, it may cancel and suspend the use of services which has already become available to them; if they continue to use the service provided by Lilith Games, it shall be deemed that the players have accepted all the modifications to this Agreement.
3.5 Players shall decide whether or not to cancel the service at their own discretion, if they choose not to cancel the same, it shall be deemed that players agree with Lilith Games on attempts to deduct fees on a irregular basis according to certain rules, once the fees are successfully deducted, Lilith Games will provide players with the value-added services for the next billing period.
3.6 If prices for the value-added services are adjusted by Lilith Games at the time of/prior to the automatic subscription renewal fees deduction, the currently valid prices shall prevail.
3.7 Although the service is provided to players by Lilith Games free of charge, Lilith Games is entitled to decide whether or not to charge for the service or adjust the automatic subscription renewal fees deduction period and fees by taking into account business needs or changes to market conditions, etc., and make the relevant information publicly available on the webpages to the players.

4. Term and Termination of this Agreement
4.1 This Agreement shall come into effect after players choose to accept or use the service and remain valid until the players terminate the service or cancel their qualifications.
4.2 Players shall have the right to choose to terminate the service by setting their accounts at any time, and Lilith Games will cease to provide the service to players upon the termination of the service.
4.3 The instructions by which players automatically authorize Lilith Games to deduct the subscription renewal fees before they choose to terminate the service shall remain valid. Lilith Games will not refund charges deducted following such instructions with the relevant responsibilities being borne by the players.

5. Liability for Breach of This Contract
If either party violates this Agreement, the non-breaching party shall have the right to claim compensation by way of dispute resolution agreed to by the parties.

6. Dispute Resolution and Governing Law
Disputes arising out of performing this Agreement shall be resolved by Lilith Games and players through friendly consultation. If no settlement can be reached through consultation, either party shall have the right to refer the disputes to the People’s court in Minhang District, Shanghai for litigation. The relevant matters such as the interpretation, validity and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd.


1. 服务条款的接受与修改

2. 服务说明
2.1 本服务是出于玩家对于自动续费的需求,在玩家已开通本服务的前提下,避免玩家因疏忽或其他原因导致未能及时续费造成损失而推出的服务,玩家不可撤销的授权莉莉丝可在玩家有效期即将过期时,从玩家的自有充值账户、与玩家账号绑定的第三方支付账户、银行卡、通信账户(以下统称“账户”)余额中代扣下一个计费周期的费用,该服务实现的前提是玩家已将其莉莉丝玩家账号与上述账户绑定,且可成功从其上述账户中扣款。
2.2 自动续费具体指,基于2.1的前提,莉莉丝通过上述账户收取玩家下一计费周期费用的扣费方式,玩家需保证莉莉丝可以从上述账户扣款成功,因上述账户中可扣款余额不足导致的续费失败,由玩家自行承担责任。
2.3 玩家在享受本服务时,应受《莉莉丝游戏许可及服务协议》的约束,当玩家使用本服务时,玩家的使用行为视为其对本服务的服务条款以及莉莉丝针对本服务发出的各类公示的同意。
2.4 莉莉丝向玩家提供的本服务均仅限于玩家在莉莉丝平台使用,任何以恶意破解等非法手段将莉莉丝提供的本服务内容与莉莉丝平台分离的行为,均不属于本协议中约定的本服务。由此引起的一切法律后果由行为人负责,莉莉丝将依法追究行为人的法律责任。

3. 双方的权利和义务
3.1 莉莉丝负责向玩家提供有关自动续费收费具体情况的查询方式,但不负责打印相关发票并转送玩家。
3.2 莉莉丝通过玩家上述账户扣除下一计费周期费用,应于当天扣划,并将款项记入玩家支付记录,并同时相应延长玩家有效期。
3.3 如在扣费过程出现差错,莉莉丝和玩家应密切配合查明原因,各自承担己方过错造成的损失;若因双方各自存在不均等过错造成的损失,由双方按过错的程度承担相应责任;双方共负责任的,由双方均摊责任。
3.4 莉莉丝可根据其业务开展或技术升级等情况变更或修改本协议的有关服务内容、规则及条款,莉莉丝在做出上述变更或修改前,将在莉莉丝相关页面上公示修改的内容,但无义务另行做个别通知。如果玩家不同意本协议的修改,可以取消已经获取的服务并停止使用;如果玩家继续使用莉莉丝提供的服务,则视为玩家已经接受本协议的全部修改。
3.5 本服务由玩家自主选择是否取消,若玩家选择不取消,则视为玩家同意莉莉丝按照一定规则进行不定期的扣款尝试,一旦扣款成功,莉莉丝将为玩家开通下一个计费周期的包月服务。
3.6 若在自动续费时/之前,莉莉丝包月服务价格发生调整,应以现时有效的价格为准。
3.7 莉莉丝对玩家开通本服务不收取任何费用,但莉莉丝有权根据业务需要或市场变化等原因决定是否对本服务本身进行收费或调整自动续费周期及费用,并在相关页面向玩家进行公示。

4. 协议有效期限、终止
4.1 本协议自玩家选择接受或使用本服务后生效,直至玩家终止本服务或注销玩家资格时终止。
4.2 玩家有权随时在玩家账号设置中选择终止本服务,终止后本服务后,莉莉丝将停止向玩家提供本服务。
4.3 玩家在选择终止本服务前已经委托莉莉丝自动续费扣款的指令仍然有效,莉莉丝对于基于该指令扣除的费用不予退还,由玩家承担相关责任。

5. 违约责任 如果一方违约,守约方有权通过双方约定的争议解决方式获得补偿。

6. 争议解决和法律适用 莉莉丝与玩家应通过友好协商解决本协议履行过程中产生的争议,经协商无法解决的,任何一方均有权将争议提交至上海市闵行区人民法院诉讼解决。本协议的解释、效力和执行等有关问题均适用中华人民共和国法律。